Sign of the Day


I saw this sign at Hawthorne station today. It’s stuck on a big industrial container, purposely placed right across from where commuters sit waiting for the train.

There is no real estate office anywhere nearby. The metal container sits between a glazier shop and a soil merchant. Nearby is a dance studio and the new digs of the Mount Pleasant Taxi guys.

What struck me is that, in a world of TMI (uh, ask your tween if you don’t know what TMI stands for), the sign offers precious little information.

Yes, there are apartments for rent. But, like, how much are they? Are they in Hawthorne, where the sign is, or in the city, where the train ends up? Or are they somewhere in the middle, like Bronkers? Maybe the aparments are located right inside the metal container? (Uh, can’t beat that commute!)

And how big are the apartments, are they one-bedroom or two? Are they, ya know, expensive? Can I smoke in one? Can I bring my dog? Doorman? Co-op? Condo? Cond-op?

No, none of that is included in the sign. Just the fact that, despite reports to the contrary, there are Apartments For Rent somewhere in the world.

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3 Responses to Sign of the Day

  1. Emily says:

    I always wondered if there were people that tried to live in one of those self storage spaces. Perhaps the next best thing would be living in some metal container right next to the train station. You could even sleep a little later… fall right out of bed, take the train… maybe even get dressed on the train. Yep, that would be the life.

  2. James says:

    I hope this situation of the taxi companies assaulting commuters on their way to the platform is resolved quickly. That was obnoxious this morning. I hate the old company but, at least I could walk to the train with out being bothered.

  3. Track Jockey says:

    Does it float? Maybe it is one of them float-els

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