Lawn Jockey Laid to Rest


The concrete base where the lawn jockey was perched until recently.  

The offensive/not offensive lawn jockey we’ve passed each morning en route to the train has been separated from his concrete base and, presumably, retired for good.

When we first reported on the presence of a black lawn jockey in the 21st Century, a debate ensued as to whether the symbol positively represented the black struggle in America, or represented oppression. A third school of thought said that, if we can paraphrase Freud, sometimes a lawn jockey is just a lawn jockey.

Wrote one Trainjotting reader:

These Black Lawn Jockey symbolized southern residents who support black freedom in the south, and acted as secret hints that a house with a black lawn jockey and a red cap meant the house was safe to stowe blacks on their way to the north.

If anything this house should be a plus – it’s not racist, if anything its pro-support for a non segregated society.

Others said that was bunk:

The Jocko Graves and Underground Railroad stories are both likely false. No documented evidence exists for either.

Either way, the little fellow lights the walkway no more.

I have no idea what sort of burial rights are appropriate for a lawn jockey, but I’m sure it’s a complicated process.

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