Jumping Onto Subway Tracks is Never a Good Idea


The NY Times’ City Room blog has a fun item about just what it would take to get otherwise normal New Yorkers (uh, oxymoron, perhaps?) to jump down into the subway tracks.

Of course, a man died last weekend doing just that, so this is no laughing matter. But if you were to drop something down there–keys, Blackberry, wedding ring–what would it take to get you to visit the Land of the Rats?

New Yorkers share their experiences. In short, it looks like small children and kickballs (yes, kickballs) are worth saving, while iPods and Blackberries are not. Comments one reader:

My friend went down to retrieve my kickball for me once. As soon as he went down I knew it was a bad choice. But in all fairness it was late night on the L train tracks and we the indicators to guide us.

I, personally, would not jump onto those tracks for any material object. I think I would go in after a small child or perhaps a puppy or kitten.

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1 Response to Jumping Onto Subway Tracks is Never a Good Idea

  1. jerseyjim says:

    my baseball cap blew off my head, and down on the tracks once – on the 96th st station, getting off the C train. Had to play softball (and drink tallboys) without it. I loved that hat at the time.

    But after the game, waiting on the same platform to head downtown – my hat was still there. Oddly just then, a couple transit workers walked out of the tunnel along the tracks, bright vests, lanterns and all. I pointed to my hat – still there, and asked if he would hand it up to me. He did, no problem. Got my hat back, dry and ready to wear. What are the odds? True story – albeit long.

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