JerseyJim: ‘Caboose’ Catches Fire

More delays last night on New Jersey Transit, as a fire broke out in Berkeley Heights, stranding passengers to the east, traveling on the Gladstone Line.
I had just arrived home from the 5:17 train, when my brother called, hoping for a ride home from Summit, where his Basking Ridge train was terminated. As the Summit station swelled with displaced passengers, NJ Transit announced that shuttle buses would arrive to allow passengers to complete their homeward commute.
The fire occurred at the restaurant Mama’s Caboose, which one local paper described as a local “landmark.”

Alternative Press reports:

Firefighters arriving on the scene encountered a “significant fire and heavy smoke on arrival,” according to Battalion Chief Giacco of the Berkeley Heights Fire Department. Giacco said, “It was a great job by everyone concerned. It was a good stop based on the amount of smoke upon arrival.”

He added that the owner of Mama’s Caboose should be able to rebuild since the “structure of the building is sound.” He said, “she lost some contents inside, but the structure is fine.” He added that the fact the building was saved, “was due to the guys getting inside and ventilating it quickly.”

Battalion Chief Imbibo was the first on the scene. He said about 22-24 Berkeley Heights firefighters responded. “I didn’t think we could stop it when I arrived on the scene. It took a lot of hard work but these guys saved a landmark in town,” he said.

According to CleverCommute, the 7:24 Summit train arrived on time, and regular train service was thankfully and safely restored.
– jerseyjim

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