Maybury: Makeover Continues at Hawthorne Station

Town Supervisor Joan Maybury did get back to me late yesterday after my phone call last week, and said the town would get right on the fallen bike rack; she didn’t realize the thing was flatter than a drunk at the end of a bender, and said it would stand tall again A.S.A.P.–as soon as this week.

(The fallen rack was not a result of the crazy tornado winds the last few days, but an errant snowplow during one of the snurricanes this past winter.)

Supervisor Maybury also said some building is underway at the southernmost tip of the station (see photo below), where as we speak a Metro-North crew is erecting a flower planter made of Belgian blocks.

She said it’s one of a handful of beautification projects around Hawthorne train station, including the stationhouse itself, which is getting a new door and new windows.

As Trainjotting broke a few months ago, the shabby cabbie company is moving out (not the May 1 move-out that the cab company initially said in a sign on their window, but at the end of May). Maybury said the town is receiving proposal requests for the building; once Mount Pleasant Taxi clears its junk out of the building, tenants might include a coffee shop, or even the Pleasantville Taxi outfit.

“There seems to be interest,” she said. “The first thing to do is to get it available.”

Maybury said there would be no lapse in taxi service when the Mount Pleasant Taxi guys move over to Broadway, and switch names to Crossroads Taxi, even though they’ll be situated at the southern tip of Broadway–one of the few spots on the planet that does not have a crossroads.

Finally, Supervisor Maybury said the ornamental new clock to go up in the station’s front lawn will be delivered this week or next.

But it’s the bike rack project I’m watching most carefully.


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