Saugatucker: Getting ‘Stewed’ in the Bar Car

On the 7:05 New Haven train Friday, sitting next to a skinny Stamford student with a gleaming new iPad and white headphones drinking a Bud. 

Next to him, sitting alone, is a fat 35-year-old guy in a painted-on red and white striped polo shirt, dark blue chinos and a feathered 80’s haircut drinking a Big Gulp-sized Pepsi.  He’s easily taking up the seat space of three people. 

The fat chinos guy bragged earlier to nobody in particular that he had one of the carts at Grand Central top his Pepsi off with booze.

The bar car has been very quiet tonight — unusually so.  Nobody has said a word for about 20 minutes

Then I hear the fat guy laughing.

Now he’s really laughing.  And then he says, “He’s dreaming in Star Wars!” 

He’s watching the skinny Stamford kid’s iPad from three bench seats away, taking in Family Guy without the benefit of sound.

Laughing loudly just now, he said, “Dewey.  You gotta love Dewey.”

I know he’s talking about Stewie.


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