JerseyJim Feels the Pain of the Fare Hikes

May has reached New Jersey, and with it the fare hikes. NJ Transit has increased my monthly train cost by 25%. That is a double-decker increase that will put my fluffernutter budget on high alert.
I took the NY Penn Station Express train on Friday and Monday, for early meetings, and noticed the cars were quite empty. The conductor remarked on Friday, that most folks from the far west stations were probably testing out the bus, or the park-and-ride options, before they purchased their May monthly tickets.
NJ Transit’s heavy fare increase leads to some fuzzy math for an alternative commute. As would-be drivers account for extra time, gas, parking, and traffic, maybe NJ Transit has already accounted for their expected lost ridership.
Other fed-up Jerseyans were queued-up in Penn Station last week at the ticket windows. Given the late announcement of fare increase percentage, many commuters (like myself), didn’t have time to arrange the increase on their paycheck-deduction plan. So this 25% penalty truly came out-of-pocket,


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