What the Kids Are Googling

A small sampling of the Google searches people used to end up on Trainjotting. 

If you’re looking for Don Draper in drag and a popped collar, you’ve come to the right place.


“zoo yorkers cockroaches”

chick pees her pants st patty’s day

pete seeger teeth

tj prostitution  

gif files guinness beer brilliant

face burned off acid subway

horse man on f train

no pants men

wearing tuxedo with sneakers when i heard the train coming, i pulled my fool head back

double meaning of i’ve been working on the railroad

wicker seats erie lackawanna cars

black lawn jockey as racist symbol

drag queens rentals connecticut

jose jose jose jose jose jose shirt

obsessed with don draper

phlegm monster

railroad industry standard of 5 minutes 59 seconds late

vampire weekend popped collars

the guy wearing four popped collars

john rockers crotch


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