Metro-North ‘Advocate’: Bar Cars Will Roll On, Fun Never Stops

The Connecticut Metro-North Rail Commuter Council took issue with the NY Times story earlier this week that said bar cars on Metro-North were perhaps ringing that Last Call bell. The eight bar cars rolling on the New Haven Line these days will, in fact, fit right into the new M8 car lineup when it finally gets rolled out later this year, says Chairman Jim Cameron.

Though three members of the CT Rail Commuter Council worked with reporter Michael Grynbaum to get the story right, he ignored the facts in favor of a sexier story.
The reporter implied that when the new M8 cars arrive, the 8 existing bar cars would be replaced. Not so!  The 8 bar cars we have all have undergone recent rehab’s and can run for 10 – 15 more years.
He also implied that “the recession” might force a rethinking of plans to order new bar cars.
The Commuter Council, meeting last night, was reassured by both Metro-North and CT DOT that there are no plans to eliminate bar cars on Connecticut trains.  CDOT also told the Council they would share design concepts with us for new M8 bar cars, currently under bid from Kawasaki.
The issue of continued if not improved bar car service has been a priority of the Commuter Council for the 25 years of its existence.  We will continue that advocacy… and seek a correction from the NY Times for its sloppy reporting.
“Cheers!” concludes Cameron.

We’ll see who’s right when the new trains are launched.

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