‘Bronxvillians’ Urged to Walk Today

If traffic at the Bronxville train station seemed a bit light this morning, it may be because some residents in Westchester’s choiciest zip code are walking to the station in honor of Earth Day.

A memo circulated to residents spells out the benefits of walking to the train and to school:

SAFETY training: Walking regularly with a child from a young age enables them to develop life skills; preparing children with road safety and personal awareness skills.
CONGESTION reduction: Fewer cars on our roads is good for the environment and local communities; fewer cars at the school gate can make it safer for students making their way to and from school.
HEALTH benefits: Walking to and from school allows adults and children to incorporate physical activity into their daily routines.
ON the ball students who walk to school arrive wide-awake, and are therefore more prepared for the school day ahead.
FUN and friendship: Friends and family can walk to and from school together and enjoy some quality time.
LEARNING for life: Walking regularly enables a child to become more familiar with their surroundings and provides them with the opportunity to learn about the weather and changing seasons first hand.
EDUCATIONAL: Kids learn about environmental awareness, and our responsibility to keep earth clean.

The memo felt like one of those corny elementary school things where the first letter of each bullet point spells something catchy; I believe such linguistic creatures are referred to as anacronyms. So I put them all–SAFETY, CONGESTION, HEALTH–together, and it spelled S-C-H-O-F-L-E.

Indeed, Bronxvillians, enjoy your schofle home from the station today.

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1 Response to ‘Bronxvillians’ Urged to Walk Today

  1. admin says:

    It’s corny but I like it! Something practical to do on earth day, less talk and more action. But… any idea how many actually walked to the train/school? I wonder. Onward SCHOFLE! SCHOFLE-rs of the world unite!

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