Riding the Vegas Monorail


Every year around this time, I get to sample one of the more unique public transportation vessels around the world—the Las Vegas monorail.


Traffic in Vegas has gotten awful as the city continues to grow; apparently all those murders on CSI aren’t enough to keep the population growth in check. Add in a hundred thousand conventioneers at any given time, and the Strip—and surrounding streets—are choked.


The Monorail, on the other hand, is fairly cheap ($5 per ride, but discount tickets available) and easy to use. It can be a pain to get to from some hotels, but for my particular sitch—going from Bally’s to the convention center and the Hilton—it’s easy peasy. No cab lines, no crazy cab fares, and no even crazier cabbies—I swear, each one just gets odder and odder.



One down side of the Monorail: nonstop electronic chatter piped into the cars, offering lame quips about Vegas. One touts the Monorail’s benefit to the environment. “You thought the only green stuff you’d see would be in the casinos!” the lady gushed. Alas, we were trekking over the emerald-green Wynn golf course soon as she said that, so the greenery was not in short supply.



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