Clean Up, Clean Up–Everybody Clean Up!

This is a bit ironic.

Hopped an earlier train home yesterday, thanks to a late afternoon meeting at 30 Rock that didn’t quite leave enough time to hustle back to the office.

So I made a few phone calls from an absolutely filthy MSNBC Cafe, soiled coffee cups and sundae containers spilling out of garbage cans onto the floor. There’s a candidate for Keith Olbermann’s “Worst Person in the World” prize–the clean-up guy/gal at MSNBC Cafe.

I then sat amidst the tourists around the mushy skating rink–it was 92 here in Gotham–and slowly made my way to Grand Central for the 5:27.


When we pulled into Hawthorne, I saw that just about each and every car in the main had a flier on the windshield. So tenacious were the purveyors of leaflets that they even rolled one up and slide it into a loop in my bike lock.

What, pray tell, was the message in these fliers that would inevitably end up floating around the revitalizing Hawthorne train station like big-ass Noreaster snurricane flakes? [EDITOR’S NOTE: To be fair, I didn’t end up seeing the fliers littering the ground. I guess residents got the message and threw them out properly.]

“Clean-Up Day!”, in fact.

“Please join us on Saturday, April 10th,” the flier implored. “We care about our town and hope you feel the same way!”


In fact, I do. So I’ll pass along the rest of the info: Meet at James M. Carroll Park in Thornwood–a.k.a. “Goose Poop Park” to those who’ve been there–at 9 a.m. to help clean up Kensico Road, the Saw Mill entrance, Columbus Avenue, Broadway Field and, yes, Goose Poop Park itself.

Coffee and donuts will be served.

Please take care to dispose of your damn Dunkin’ Donuts cup.

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