What the Kids are Googling


Yes, it’s time for that weekly Friday TJ-can’t-be-bothered-with-blogging search engine bacchanal known as What the Kids Are Googling?

Just what where the 1,000-odd–and we do mean odd–terms people Googled before ending up on Trainjotting this week? Here are but a few.

delta lost suitcase

freddy krueger pedicab

nice sections if mt vernon

songs about commuting

suit with popped collar

valhalla face slapping

vomit comet

u2 kmart astor place

bounce like youve got hydrolics in your g string

don draper ossining, ny

the most boring story to read to go to sleep

kid paid 20 million for solving the lirr gap

ladeis milf groped in bus

naked puke

curse of the highline

dirty amtrak blanket

michael bloomberg demonologist

why does metro north run slowly between 125th and grand central?

bring your own chair

sex on trains, club

midtown east nyc man wears fur coat top hat platform shoes

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