A Brief History of Missed Trains, Planes and Stops

Yesterday’s follies notwithstanding, I actually have a pretty stellar record of not missing trains.

And every time I’ve missed one, it’s been someone else’s fault!

Here’s a brief recap of various missed trains and planes over the years.

Missed the 6 When Some Doofus Blocks Turnstile and Creates Awkward ‘Shall We Dance?’ Stalemate, FEB, 2007.

The Missus and Little G Miss Their Amtrak Stop in New Rochelle, AUG. 2007.

Missed the 8:43 Because My So-Called Timex “Iron Man” Was Off By a Minute, OCT. 2008.

Missed the 8:43 Thanks to People From the Exiting Northbound Train Clogging the Stairs, DEC. 2009.

Me and Little G Miss Our Flight to New York and Instead Ride Atlanta Monorail For Hours, MARCH 2009.

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