What the Kids Are Googling


A sampling of what people Googled to end up on Trainjotting this week. What do we learn from it? Don Draper would never wear sneakers with a suit.

black drag queen sex


matt lauer bathroom paper towel floor

railfan honk

smurf car seat covers

sneakers with suit

suit with sneakers  

bad blonde drag queens

walking to work in suit and tennis shoes

where does don draper live

curly hair milf

how to get to 30 rock from grand central [Editor’s Note: Practice, practice, practice!]

man face acid accident ny

to slide on something slippery four letter word

why does my ear pop when the train is going to queens

all my senses are being tortured simultaneously

is there a bathroom on metro north trains

snake on a train movie train sex

google sneaking booze on the train

draper house ossining

how to wear sneakers with suit

photos of commuting men reading papers

do transvestites lose their head hair


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1 Response to What the Kids Are Googling

  1. Emily says:

    Haha, looking at the google keywords 5s the most crazy and hilarious thing you can do. If I ever need a good laugh, I always go and check. I have no clue why “gay porn” somehow ends up in my top 10. People looking for videos/photos of that woman that got crushed by the subway train a few weeks ago also has been pretty high up there on my site.

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