An Open Letter to:



Hi Google. Sorry to hear the broadband-in-China thing didn’t fly, and sorry to bother you as you attempt to take over the world in other ways.

But I’ve noticed the Google Adsense revenue I get from those ads you serve up at the top of Trainjotting has slowed to a trickle. Mind you, it was never much to speak of; calling it “revenue” may be a bit flattering. But it was enough to cover a Sam Adams on the train every now and then, and maybe a cup of java for the likes of humble correspondents JerseyJim and Straphanger Joe.

But the past few weeks, Google, it’s been like a penny a day. Literally a penny a day. Why? Because you’ve been running an ad for your Nexus One smartphone every day, and no one clicks on it! People click on those random mom-and-pop banners that tell you where to go when you need a good DWI lawyer or a “doctor” to fix your ailing back. Those things grab you. They don’t click on your self-serving ads as you elbow your way into the cellphone market.

Google, your stock is like 540 bucks. You’ll someday digitize the world’s books and you already know more about our personal lives than our loved ones. I’m sure your Nexus One will be the next iPhone, China will eventually kneel down before you, and someday we’ll all be commuting across Planet Google to work for our local Google branch office.

In the meantime, can I please get my mom-and-pop ads–and resultant beer money–back?



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1 Response to An Open Letter to:

  1. stationstops says:

    In the Google Adsense settings, turn off graphical ads.

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