Hudson Line Stations Get Facelifts


Some $67 million worth of renovations are in the works at the Philipse Manor, Scarborough and Don Draper’s own Ossining station houses, reports the Journal News. The projects should be completed by Aug. 1.

Among the improvements: digital message boards telling you when the train is coming, less harsh lighting, and walls and structures to block those brutal winds coming off the Hudson.

Those being the artsy river towns and all, the stations are also getting new artwork that reflects the local landscape.

Philipse Manor already has its piece, a set of stained-glass windows designed by Manhattan artist Joseph Cavalieri [Pictured above]. They depict a stylized blue tree on a bold yellow background with a haiku Cavalieri created, written as a single line on the main tree branches: “A gentle Hudson whistle begins my journey north and south and home.”

Cavalieri, who grew up in Pleasantville and has relatives in the Tarrytown area, said he unofficially dedicated the work to his mother and father, and saw in it the idea of family.

“The whole design itself is like a big, strong old tree and that just represents a community, almost like a family tree,” he said. “But it encompasses the community there.”

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