We Are Not Alone Out There


We mentioned last week that we’d unearthed the Metro-North blog MyEffingCommute after seeing a humorous essay on the commuting life in Westchester Magazine from the blog’s braintrust.

Well, the MyEffing author has hipped us to another Metro-North-related blog: IRidetheHarlemLine.com. The creator, Emily (pictured above), comes out of Goldens Bridge, wears crazy  hats on the train, and has a knack for making strangers–and we do mean strange–chat her up. Of course, she details this at-times dangerous liaisons for her readers.

Emily is a graphic designer and it really shows on her site. If her Metro-North blog is Megan Fox (uh, let’s see how many gratuitous Google hits we get from including “Megan Fox” in this post), then Trainjotting would be like the scowling programmer gal from 24.


I see Emily even used our own Hawthorne station recently, and snapped a lovely photo of it.

Consider it a sneak peek of what the station will look like tomorrow.


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