What’s That Racket in GCT?


You may have noticed the giant clear cube being erected in the Vanderbilt Hall section of Grand Central yesterday, along with some silver bleacher seating in the back.

Yes, it’s almost time for that annual squash bacchanal known as Tournament of Champions (ToC), during which the best squash players in the world–hailing from the likes of England, Australia, and lots and lots from Egypt–convene on Grand Central to compete in elite-level squash.

The players dig the unique setting. The ToC is my favorite tournament on the tour,” said defending champion Gregory Gaultier, a Frenchie. “My win last year was a dream that came true. The Grand Central Terminal venue is just amazing – it is the best way to show people our sport by setting up a glass court in a place where tens of thousands of spectators pass by every day.”

Gaultier came from an unranked position to win it all last year.

The competition starts Friday.

Here’s a seminal piece of squash journalism, titled “Trainswatting,” of all things, I wrote back in 2004.

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