Locked in the Train With a Murderer

Some of us experience intense anxiety when thinking about being stuck in a locked subway car.

Add a knife-wielding maniac to that bete noir, and you’ve got a fairly miserable evening commute.

That’s what happend for 30 unfortunate straphangers on the D train Saturday after Jerry Sanchez stabbed a man in the neck with a steak knife, killing the guy.

Reports Metro:

When the train pulled into the Seventh Avenue stop at 53rd Street, the NYPD told the motorman to keep the doors locked tight so Sanchez, 37, couldn’t escape. Terrified passengers huddled on one end of the car for five minutes waiting for the cops, while Sanchez calmly sat in his seat, according to reports.

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2 Responses to Locked in the Train With a Murderer

  1. Peter Smith says:

    glad someone else caught that. pretty insane. could have been a hannibal lecter scene in there.

    _and_, what were all those cowering folks doing while the nutcase was getting all stabby — murdering that guy. and none of them tried to help the wounded guy, bleeding to death all over the car? they just picked their feet up to avoid getting blood on their shoes?

    granted — i probably would have dropped a load, too, but at some point you have to put yourself on the line. i don’t blame any girls/women, just because they are so harassed/terrorized on a daily basis, but any dudes between 15 and 70 years old should have done _something_.

  2. Peter Smith says:

    adding, don’t take up a seat with your bag(s). and if someone needs a seat, move them without being asked. and if someone asks, move them.

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