Racial Profiling and Subway Seats

From Facebook today:

So, is it wrong or some sort of profiling to look around for Chinese people sitting down before the train gets to Canal St (so you can get their seat)?

 * I racial profile people every morning on the train. Chinese people on my train get off at East Broadway.

* LOL ! No not wrong at all!

* I did the same kind of thing on the D Train, when I knew people would get off at 59th (white flight) and people living in the bronx would stand in front of white people waiting for them to get off at Yankee stadium on game days–and were pissed at me and Ed because we lived at Tryon Ave and didn’t get up with everyone else.

* It is called being intuitive

* Yes, it is wrong. You are a horrible person. Horrible, yet brilliant

* Great – you’ve given away my trick!

* Only if you assume a Korean person is Chinese.

* Stalking out yuppies on the B also works, they always get off at 7th avenue

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