The Best Wiffleball Field in the World


There is baseball in the New York air, co-mingling with 40 degree temperatures and lots of falling leaves.

So you’ll have to excuse me if I imagined the greatest wiffleball field ever while strolling through Grand Central today.

Here’s how the field is configured. Home plate would be just to the northwest of the information kiosk in the center of the Terminal, so the batter is hitting toward the Upper West Side, or more realistically, toward the Northwest Passage. Perhaps an old Departures monitor could be placed behind the plate for a strike zone.

(For the record, I did try to snap photos from what would be home plate, but only ended up with shots of extremely irate commuters.)

The home run barriers are a thing of beauty, with marble balcony fencework from Michael Jordan’s Steakhouse rivalling the famed frieze in Yankee Stadium. Launch one to right, and a home run is over the marble fence and into the dining room of Jordan’s, with a short porch above Tracks 27, 28 and 29.

Launch one to left, and shoot for the Jordan’s bar area, also known as the West Balcony. The left field short porch would be the midpoint staircase landing going from the Vanderbilt exit to the concourse.

Really put a charge into a lazy fastball, and aim for an andro-fueled shot into the metal latticework in the windows looking out onto Vanderbilt Avenue.

Just imagine it, Grand Central closed so you and your pals could play some wiffleball. The thwack of a well-struck ball echoing throughout the Main Concourse. The true hops off the floor smoothed over by millions of commuters’ wingtips.

Drinks at the Campbell Apartment afterwards.

It doesn’t get any better than this.

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