A Man, A Cellphone, A Metro-North Bathroom, A Lifetime of Laughs

Let us all take a moment to recall the actions of one Edwin Gallart on this very day, six years ago.

You may not remember the name, but of course you remember the incident–it was Gallart who lost his cellphone down a Metro-North toilet, then fatefully stuck his hand down there…stuck his hand down there!!!…and got his arm stuck.

The Bronx resident, 41 at the time, brought a packed rush hour train to a halt after someone heard him whimpering for help.

Reported CBS News:

When train workers failed to pry Gallart’s arm free, police officers and firefighters were called in to use a blowtorch to break apart the stainless steel toilet.

Meantime, all 600 passengers aboard the train were put on other trains and all northbound trains had to be rerouted, causing significant delays and thousands of dollars in additional costs for Metro-North, which might seek damages from Gallart, Brucker said.

Gallart’s home telephone number was unlisted and he couldn’t be reached for comment.

Calls to his cellphone, meanwhile, continue to ring at the bottom of a Metro-North toilet.

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