Don Draper as Dashing Dan

Finally, a little commuter action for Ossining’s most famous commuter, Don Draper.

Mind you, we’re a little late getting to watch Mad Men this week, the downside of 10 p.m. shows and having small children that wake up early.

In the most recent episode, Don is leafing through a broadsheet newspaper as the train ambles down the Hudson line. The train is darkly lit and the seats and walls are the most humdrum beige imaginable.

The scenery, on the other hand, is full of color. Hints of blue water can be seen through the window. It’s fall and the leaves on the trees along the Hudson are ablaze.

So is Draper’s libido when his young teacher paramour pops up in front of him, looking to talk. Don is, as Van Halen so eloquently stated in the era of parachute pants, hot for teacher. She tells him she tried to catch him on the platform but missed him. She wants to know why he didn’t call when he said he would.

There is awkwardness. The conductor calls out “Scarborough-Briarcliff Manor! Scarborough-Briarcliff Manor!”

The hottie teacher exits. Draper goes back to his paper. The train ambles onward.

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