Harlem Line Riders Have No Reason to Complain

While we complain about Metro-North–oh, do we complain about Metro-North–we Harlem Liners do realize we have it pretty good, with Metro-North’s best on-time percentage of the three lines, and some creature comforts that New Haven Liners can only dream abou–at least until mid 2010.

One New Haven Line vet actually gave the Harlem Line a ride yesterday for a visit to Mt. Kisco, and shared her findings on the Larchmont/Mamaroneck community site The Loop.

Writes Loop-y editrix Polly Kreisman:

Now I know how the other half lives.

The train was almost spotless, the seats big and contoured and comfy. The middle seat actually fit the dimensions of an average adult. No pew style here with the sticky floor.

The a/c was working. The lights stayed on the entire trip. And it was eerily quiet. No conductors on the loud speakers yelling to each other;  the trip from Larchmont many mornings feels like communal  eavesdropping.

I never once had to stand up clutching my computer, jacket, blackberry and purse  to let someone “slip” into the middle seat.

And we sat. Really sat. No one had to stand. It was all very civilized. A sort of Eurail by way of Hawthorne.

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