Hawthorne Gets a Restaurant!


I cruised by the little strip mall with the Chinese food restaurant, the laundromat and not much else on the way home from work yesterday, and saw the first signs of life in the northernmost storefront in almost three years. Tiny downtown Hawthorne is getting a Spanish-Portuguese restaurant!

The paper in the window said Coming Soon: Punta Cana Restaurant. The storefront held a sign company called Signworks when we moved in nearly three years ago. Signworks shut down not long after we arrived, and the storefront has been empty ever since. There was talk two years ago of a Dunkin Donuts with serious plans to open up there, but that was apparently denied by the Town of Mount Pleasant over traffic concerns.

Punta Cana is in a tiny shop; it looks like it will be one of those joints with four or five small tables and the bulk of its business coming from takeout. Good stuff. Ever since Bel Paese closed down, Hawthorne Heights (OK, that’s a stretch) hasn’t had a proper sitdown restaurant, not including the bar Gordo’s.

Between Punta and Hawthorne Wines, there are signs of life in little Hawthorne.

At the same time Punta hung its announcement signage, the Grand Central coffee shop Oren’s served its last customer after a decade-long run. All the equipment inside the shop has a sign hanging on it, instructing where to ship the various gear.

“Thank you all for the past 10 years,” read a forlorn sign inside.

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2 Responses to Hawthorne Gets a Restaurant!

  1. Raysa says:

    Hi, I am the owner of Punta Cana Restaurant and I appreciated your words… I been open for a month and I’m wondering what you think, if is really GOOD STUFF….. Thanks

  2. Ann says:

    Thanks for taking the time to tell us about Punta Cana. Having worked in Hawthorne for several years I had few options for dining outside of the deli and pizza place. I refused to eat at the Chinese place based on its appearance and their consistent inability to get my order right.

    At any rate, I was recently able to stop by Punta Cana, lured by their breakfast ad.
    I was able to get a special order and it was prepared very well. In addition, when I engaged the owner in conversation she was willing to allow me to sample other menu items. I have had an amazing oatmeal, egg white omelet, authentic Spanish coffee and the moistest, well seasoned chicken imaginable. When simple items are prepared well it speaks to the potential of the establishment. Im glad that Punta Cana is there and I hope the community supports the restaurant. I know I will be back!

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