The ‘Bottle-Cap’ A Must-Have For Commuters


With TJ hitting a landmark birthday later in the week…thank you, no, really–thank you…the gifts from far-flung sisters start trickling on around now.

The first one over the transom may just end up the best, especially for thirsty and stressed out commuters such as yourself.

Here’s a bit of a dilemma for the mature commuters of the world. You want a bottle of beer for the 6:33 after a particularly stressful day, during which your boss has mentioned just how narrow the gap is between you and the unemployment line. Sure, you could have the Grand Central beer guy pop the cap for you, but then you’re walking around looking for a seat with beer spilling over the edge of your bottle. You could pop it yourself, but that would involve carrying a bottle opener everywhere you go, and men of a certain age should no longer be in the possession of bottle-opener keychains.

And if you’re like me, the plastic RSA hard-token thingy your company issues to regenerate a network passcode every few minutes ends up looking like a dog chewed it after its hard edge has opened a few dozen Sam Adams.

Enter the Guinness ballcap with the bottle-opener built into the brim.


[mine is slightly different, with the opener on the under side of the brim, and a nice Guinness harp on the visible side.]

Folks, this is genius. Or, as the guys in that Guinness commercial might say, “BRILLIANT!”

It’s a handsome black Guinness hat with gold lettering. It has a metal circle with a harp logo in the visor. For the first hour or so of owning my handsome new Guinness hat, I thought it was just a decorative element–a metallic take on the gold stickers that dumbass kids seem to love leaving on the brims of their new Starter baseball caps.

But lo, the underside of it is designed to pop open bottles.

Keep this baby in your briefcase, and you’ll not only look sharp on the ride home–who doesn’t respect a Guinness drinker?–but you’ll have a handy bottle-opener to boot.

It’s the greatest development in beer-related headware since the Foam Dome rose to prominence.

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3 Responses to The ‘Bottle-Cap’ A Must-Have For Commuters

  1. jim says:

    i just use the buckles of my birkenstocks to open my Fosters Lager bottle…

    true story…but commuters might not approve…

  2. Toorock says:

    I still carry an opener on my keychain. In fact, I had not done so for quite some time, but recently re-uped the method. Is that so bad?

    By the way, you people back east drink beer that isn’t so good, fyi. I know you’re not trying to, but you do.



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