‘This is Metro-North…We’ve Recovered Your Blackberry’

Words I never thought I’d hear.

I’d left the Blackberry on the morning train last Friday, and was too distraught to blog about it.

It was a rainy day (Oh yeah–that rainy day) and I was a bit discombobulated. Due to the rain, I had to walk to the train, and also had to wear a raincoat. As a result, I was sweating fairly profusely by the time the 8:16 pulled in.

After White Plains, I knew I’d secured my own two-seater for the remainder of the journey. As I’d been sticking to the seat back a bit, I shifted ofter to the window, which I never do.

All this is by way of an explanation as to why, when I stood up to exit the train, I was out of my routine–weird seat, coat in the overhead rack, etc. And the Blackberry was left on the seat.

I never thought I’d end up as one of those ***holes who simply can’t live without his Blackberry; in fact, I don’t even like those people, as evidenced by my barely concealed use of the word “asshole” in the previous sentence. But I was having a tough time without it–particularly while on Metro-North, and on the rare occasions when I couldn’t get Mets scores because The Missus was watching some reality show about a dozen highly emotional plus-size women fighting for some fat man. 

When I called in my loss to Metro-North’s Lost and Found office, I told the guy the Blackberry was blue, when in fact it’s black. That’s an honest mistake, as I’ve only stared at the thing, oh, 821,635,899 times. (My first Blackberry was, in fact, blue. And you know what they say–you never forget your first Blackberry.)

Subsequent trips and calls to the Lost and Found office at Grand Central revealed a lot more Lost than Found. I figured the Blackberry had gone the way of my wool scarf and the remote control car I’d bought for Little G  on a trip to the city in December–gone for good.

That is, until the call I got from Metro-North an hour ago:

“Yes, this is Metro-North Lost and Found. We want to let you know we’ve recovered your Blackberry.”


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4 Responses to ‘This is Metro-North…We’ve Recovered Your Blackberry’

  1. G. Francis says:

    Can Metro-North do something about the Blackberry I put through the wash last week? 8 days and counting.

  2. G. Francis says:

    8 days without a replacement I mean. You’d think the withdrawal would start to wear off after a while, but you’d be wrong.

  3. Susan says:

    Thanks for outing me re: “More to Love”.

  4. Shin Hirabayashi says:

    Dear Metro North Lost & Found:
    I left 2 packs of sealed Cork Board (squair, 8 pieces in all) on the overhead rack of mid section of the west-bound New Haven line train which left Grand Central Station at 9:07 PM on Tuesday April 12. I got off at Stamford and took a connecting New Canaan train when I realized the loss and reported to the train conductor. While I’ll check with Lost & Found Office at Grand Central, my phone numbers are: 212-878-4068 or 203-329-1902. Thank you.

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