Standing Up to Subway Thugs

Just a few days after a NY Times essay wonders how people can sit idly on the subway as, shall we put it, vigorous juvenile corporal punishment goes down, blogger Jake Lodwick employs a little 20 Questions to tell the tale of standing up to a crazy person on the L train who was making inappropriate advances on a 2-year-old boy.

Lodwick doesn’t exactly sound like the tough-guy, subway vigilante type, which makes his post all the more compelling.

He writes:

Did you see the young mother with the 2-year-old boy sitting on the same bench as me? Did you see the man with bloodshot eyes across from me, who wouldn’t stop talking to the kid? Telling him, “Listen to mommy, always listen to mommy, you always better listen to mommy”, etc?

Did you hear him ask if he could come over and talk to the kid? And the mommy said no? And he came over anyway, knelt down, and advised the kid that he should always listen to mommy, because “there’s crazy guys out there, they might take you away and you’ll never see mommy again, you gotta listen to mommy or someone bad might take you away? You know what else, your mommy is so beautiful, you gotta listen to her,” and so on.

Did you think it was strange that nobody was saying anything, when he started touching the kid’s hands? Did you think it was weird that I was the one to break, to stand up and tell him to get away from her? Do you remember what I said to him, since I don’t? Do you know why I engaged with a crazy person when I could have let someone else do it?

Elsewhere in the blogosphere, Laura Werkheiser is quite sure she’s got a giant ACCOST ME written on her forehead in a font that only subway crazies can read.

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