Distraught Woman Can’t Go to Kisco After Near Train Accident


Pleasantville’s own Linda Misek-Falkoff is suing Metro-North over a problematic train crossing spot where she says she was trapped between the arm that descends when the train is coming (to her rear) and the tracks.

The crossing in question is Green Lane in Bedford Hills, where two cars were struck last year after the drivers’ GPS devices instructed them to drive onto the tracks.

Misek-Falkoff’s incident occurred in 2004, reports the Journal News, and she was not struck by the train. But she says she was frightened by the incident.

“I was almost killed by a train there when I say that a gate fell on my side,” she told the Journal News.

Weird wording, huh? She says “I say that a gate fell on my side,” as opposed to, simply, directly, “a gate fell on my side.”

Misek-Falkoff is representing herself in the case, which typically means either the plaintiff is an excellent attorney or may be a bit peculiar.

According to the Journal News:

The case is due July 13 in state Supreme Court. Last month, state Supreme Court Justice Francis Nicolai dismissed several claims made by Misek-Falkoff, who is acting as her own attorney.

But Nicolai left in place the “claims for negligence, negligent infliction of emotional distress and loss of consortium.” Misek-Falkoff’s husband, Adin Falkoff, is listed as a co-plaintiff.

Misek-Falkoff is sad that she can no longer shop in Mt. Kisco and Bedford because she’s afraid to cross the tracks.

“I can’t shop up there, I can’t go to Katonah,” she said. “I can’t go through there. I’m really having a very hard time with it.”

[image: Journal News]

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2 Responses to Distraught Woman Can’t Go to Kisco After Near Train Accident

  1. Linda D. Misek-Falkoff says:

    Thank you so much for the opportunity to directly respond because of your specific wording. This comment reflecting your post is submitted without regard to anything else perhaps being published ‘at a slant’.

    The subject / reported “interview” was conducted by a very nice and indeed well schooled transportation expert Ken Valenti over the telephone because he had gotten the Judge’s decision (Order) independently via the courthouse; the call to me was unexpected. I did think I might have a review opportunity if I had the dialogue. There is far more to the situation, but at least here we can fix the “fell” as it should be “failed.” I too wondered what the “fell meant”.

    Was it my pronunciation? Mistranscription? Anyway thanks to you for spot-lighting this odd phrase, and Ken and Kevin (Intern) and also you for caring about public and individual safety at railroad grade crossings such as (!) Metro North Green Lane in Bedford NY. Being lambasted elsewhere by e-rants, yet a few do consider that a person with mobility problems (sometimes called handicaps or disabilities) in the pitch dark without lighting might not be able to jump out of a vehicle when a gate fails. But I truly am glad the others reportedly experiencing problems with gates failing did jump clear.

    Best wishes to you and at your service as well.

    P.S. While here, the hard time I am having was not about shopping; perhaps that closing journal news statement came from my saying something very local in context about not being able to meet them at the track location

    There was an opportunity for further interview and picture taking which I declined. They were kind about it but apparently did not wish to hold a “story” back until trial, at my request, but I do respect freedom of the press and especially in the public interest.

    Please do keep in mind the conditions at night re Green Lane in 2004.

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