What’s App’ning Out There

Some enterprising fellows have developed a new Blackberry app offering train, bus and ferry times for the New York City area.  

Writes developer Alex:

I got so frustrated having to look up my train schedules on my Blackberry’s mobile browser that I decided to make my own application to solve this problem. NYC Transit gives people their train, bus, and ferry schedules to get in and out of NYC (Metro North, NJ Transit train and bus, and NY Waterway ferry).

The app costs $4.95, can be deployed on any Blackberry with an OS 4.2 or higher, and can be found on Blackberry’s App World under the travel category, or at www.getnyctransit.com.

NJ Transit riders such as JerseyJim are encouraged to tack on an hour and 40 minutes to any Jersey-bound evening train.


In terms of the iPhone, our blogging brethren StationStops has done a brisk business with his Metro-North app. It sells for $5.99 and is described thusly:

StationStops is an iPhone Application which allows to riders check the regular schedule for trains coming into and out of Grand Central, *with or without an internet connection.*

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1 Response to What’s App’ning Out There

  1. StationStops says:

    Actually StationStops is only $1.99 now, but thanks for the mention!

    There is an update awaiting approval now – v. 1.3, that iPhone 3.0-compliant, fixes some track number issues.


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