Those Sculptures at Hartsdale Station


Far as I can tell, there are three interesting things about the Hartsdale train station. One, it’s technically in Scarsdale. Two, its old Tudor-style station house has been converted into a Starbucks, which is much, much nicer than the junk storage that Hawthorne’s station house is used for.

And three, it’s got those cool black silhouette sculptures in between the northbound and southbound tracks. The MTA Website says the artist is Tom Nussbaum and the installment, dating from 1991, is called Workers.


“Nussbaum directly acknowledges — and celebrates — those most likely to view his artwork there — commuters and railroad workers. At the Hartsdale station, twenty-one life-sized figures are placed along the center of the open space between the two train tracks. In addition, monumentally-scaled people made of iron are seen in the station’s track bed, busy working: guiding trains, keeping the track in good repair and throwing switches.”

The MTA site also says similar objets d’art can be found at Scarsdale station–smaller figures located along the roof line of the station house. The installment there is called Travelers, though I don’t recall having seen them there before.

According to his Website, Nussbaum is around 55 and spends a lot of time in Jersey; you can check out his latest exhibition at the New Jersey Visual Art Center.

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2 Responses to Those Sculptures at Hartsdale Station

  1. Agentzero says:

    I’ve always wondered something about those figures, including the one in your second picture. What is on his head? Was it the style for railroad workers to wear completely brimless hats? Or is that what, back in the 1980s, we used to call a high-top fade?

  2. I work for the Metro in St Louis, and we have the same kind of thing. Before I started working I noticed odd sculptures, light displays, even a canoe hanging in a train station. They’re all part of Metro’s “Arts in Transit” program. I’m glad to see other transit agencies doing the same thing.

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