Straphanger Joe Has a Snicker PART II

PART I is here.


… And Half


By Straphanger Joe


… only it’s not the Kindle exactly. It’s an ad campaign by M-edge and features the Kindle front and center of every poster from one end of the car to the other.

Reading never looked so good.

Personalize your Kindle 2 with an M-edge accessories jacket.


Who is your Kindle wearing?

Here’s a book you can’t judge by its cover.

Go green. Buy a Kindle. 

I check the F-train car. No one is using a Kindle, neither a 1 or a 2 – though I’m not sure if I saw one I could tell the difference. There are papers, books, reports, magazines, one guy has an open computer on his lap, but no Kindles. I look up at the advertisements. I guess they figure, If you build it they will buy it.


My wife has a Kindle. She got it for Christmas, only she didn’t actually receive it until a couple of months later. It seems the demand was so big they sold out pre-holiday and had to fill orders in February and March. They upgraded her to the Kindle 2 free of charge. She reads it all the time – hasn’t purchased a book in a bookstore in the last three months. Well, not in a physical bookstore, only in the virtual one of


She reads the New York Times on it on Sundays. I’m not sure if this is a good or bad thing. She also won’t let me read it. Not even just to check-it-out. She bought a black cover for it before M-reader came out with all their beautiful colors. Who is your Kindle wearing?


It’s 20 minutes later and there’s still no one on the F train reading one. The advertisements look pretty good, though. Nice colors. Go Green is the way to go these days.


Now I’m hungry and I feel like reading something electronic.


If only I could dive into the Choco-Kindle Ocean.


–Joe Lunievicz

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