CTRider Will Help You Silence Your Digital Device

I hate your Cellphone/PDA.

You know who you are.  You’ve got a Blackberry, iPhone or other modern device that is capable of making all sorts of obnoxious noises.

At this point, most train commuters have been socialized to speak quietly in a vestibule with your hand covering your mouth so you don’t disturb the other miserable minions marching like lemmings on their return to the ‘burbs.  In general, loud talkers aren’t a huge problem.

What’s starting to drive me nuts is the constant clicking (not the sound of the keys being pressed, but rather the external sounds associated with the keypress) as people scroll with their trackball (Blackberry) or press almost any button (IPhone).

We’ve all got pretty cool phones these days, so we’re not really interested in your phone when we stare at it.  We’re actually hoping to engage our Jedi skills and make you disappear so we can have a few minutes of peace & quiet.

Please, for the sake of your fellow commuters’ sanity, see the instructions relevant to your device below:

Options>Screen/Keyboard> Trackball audible roll = MUTE

Settings>Sounds> Keyboard Click = OFF



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