Mystery Train

Sticking with our musical theme for the day, an N train heading downtown to Herald Square around 11:20 this morning. Heavy-set Latina wears spikey bracelets, leather jacket, a faded black t-shirt bearing the name of what looks like a heavy metal band.

She’s got her iPod on and is positively rocking out — pulling off the difficult task of air-guitaring and air-drumming at the same time, and of course mouthing the vocals too. It’s got a fast beat, whatever it is she’s miming, and it seems heavy.

Just after 34th, a quartet of singers comes on board, belting out The King’s “Return to Sender” with a tenor guy on lead and a bass guy filling in the bum badum badumm’s. As those subway singer dudes usually does, it sounds terrific.

All on board seem to enjoy it, except Miss Metal. The foursome squeezes past her to collect some change. She pulls her feet up to let them pass, still air-drumming, still singing, opting for an iPod’s heavy metal over some live Elvis with four-part harmonies.  

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