Hawthorne Gets Own Show


It’s been quite a few weeks for the little hamlet of Hawthorne–first, there were signs for a new wine shop in its tiny downtown, and then the cable channel TNT announced it was setting a new drama in the burg–and naming the show after Hawthorne as well.

Yes, the medical drama Hawthorne debuts June 16 and stars Jada Pinkett Smith.

TNT describes Hawthorne thusly:

Following in the footsteps of Kyra Sedgwick in The Closer and Holly Hunter in Saving Grace, Jada Pinkett Smith (The Women, The Matrix Trilogy) is the latest actress to bring her talent to TNT’s arsenal of strong, complex female characters. In this character-driven medical drama told from the nurses’ point of view, she stars as Christina Hawthorne, the forceful-yet-caring director of nursing.

Christina Hawthorne works out of Westchester Medical Center, downs brews at Gordo’s with her nurse pals, and sorts out her home repairs at Berger Hardware while making her way as the lone African-American in Hawthorne, NY.  

It’ll be a nice viewing alternative for residents to watching Town Supervisor Bob Meehan give his OK to an unattached garage project on Memorial Drive on channel 78.

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