Trainjotting Salutes Subway Hero Chad Lindsey


New York actor Chad Lindsey sounds like a cool cat. The guy jumped onto the subway tracks at Penn Station Monday to rescue a guy that had fallen and knocked himself out after a blow to the head.

Not only that, but the guy blended back into the anonymous city landscape after that. No Letterman, no cover of the NY Post, no tooting his own horn. Just an anonymous Joe risking his life to save a fellow human.

Pretty cool.

In fact, it was his friends who responded to a short article in the Times Monday about the incident.

An editor at The Times, Wendell Jamieson, said a crowd entered his car on the downtown C train, and the people were thanking and congratulating one among them, a disheveled fellow filthy with track grime.

The man, having already foregone any chance at glory by boarding the next train to pull into the station, declined to speak to Mr. Jamieson, unfortunately. We’ll never know what was going through this man’s mind during his dangerous time on the tracks.

Of course, Lindsey might flip the script, so to speak, and turn himself into the biggest media whore since Wesley Autrey. Since he’s an actor in a city that’s lousy with them, he probably should.

But for now, Chad Lindsey strikes us as a class act. Currently starring in an Off-Broadway show called Kasper Hauser, Lindsey told the Times the gravity of what he’d done didn’t really sink in until a few minutes later, after he’d boarded the C train that almost killed him and his benefactor, Theodore Larson.

“Then I sort of freaked out, and I was nervous and shaky. These five women opened their purses and gave me Handi-Wipes. I was covered in blood and dirt from the subway tracks.”

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1 Response to Trainjotting Salutes Subway Hero Chad Lindsey

  1. jack bauer says:

    best quote:

    “I yelled, ‘Contact the station agent and call the police!’ which I think is hilarious because I don’t think I ever said ‘station agent’ before in my life. What am I, on ‘24’?”

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