Real Estate Market Stays Frosty

There’s a house I pass each day en route to the train. It’s a cute little thing on a decent piece of property, backing up to the school.

The owner is a white-haired empty-nester type who, as you might imagine, has been trying to sell forever. (In fact, he’s just up the road from the house with the offensive/or not black lawn jockey, which was also trying to sell forever before finding a renter with an option to buy.)

The guy initially went the For Sale By Owner route, and actually went door to door with flyers advertising his house about six months ago. (It’s weird. Listings near us often don’t mention “Close to train”, even though it’s less than a mile to Hawthorne station. We’re not considered a commuter town, even by the residents, despite being just a 42-minute ride to GCT. Must be the town’s blue collar roots.)

I’d see the guy periodically, like when I’d be walking Little G home from the playground. I’d ask him, rather rhetorically, about the house market. He’d shake his head.

He eventually scrapped the FSBO approach a few months ago and had a traditional broker sign in front of the house.

Well, last weekend, I saw a moving truck outside the place. And just today, I saw a pretty clear sign that a new resident was in there–a lumpy white snowman on the side of the house. It was a peculiar snowman–just two spheres, one for the legs and one for the head, or maybe one for the torso and one for the head. Perhaps it was created by someone who’s new to the snowman game, like a kid who was born in Manhattan (not unlike Little G) and never really spent much time frolicking in the snow.

Either way, it’s good to see someone buying and selling a house these days.

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