Almost Famous


One is a brilliant New Yorker scribe, passing along pertinent reportage to the most progressive thinkers of the day.

The other blogs about Metro-North passengers who pick their nose.

We received an email today confusing us with esteemed New Yorker writer Nick Paumgarten, one thinking it’s actually Paumgarten who runs Trainjotting (flattering indeed!). The source of the mix-up was Paumgarten’s fabulous ode to commuting that we of course linked to when it first ran almost years ago. Some Googler apparently thought Paumgarten did the story for Trainjotting.

At the time, Paumgarten was nice enough to write us back. He said a book project on commuting had been dangled before him, but said he wasn’t sure the topic “excites me enough.” (Uh, publisher who dangled the idea before him–I’ll take it!)

The full text of the email for Mr. Paumgarten, if he’s reading, follows.

Dear Mr. Paumgarten,
I know this is unrelated to your blog – but, having read your piece on Antares in the New Yorker I’m curious about the continuing saga of the project, as it were – in Greenwich. Just the dirt…
Thanks –

Here’s Paumgarten’s New Yorker story, which looks like it’s about real estate in Greenwich, that “Julie” is referring to. It’s from this past August.

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