London Blitzed By Snow


Ol’ Blighty caught some six inches of the white stuff yesterday, all but crippling London’s transit system. It was London’s worst snowstorm in 18 years, and the city didn’t fare too well.

Writes the NY Times:

For most of the day in London, no buses were running because of “adverse and dangerous driving conditions,” transportation officials said. Most of the subway system was closed, too. Large sections of the railroad network shut down. Cars skidded on roads that had not been sanded, salted or plowed; on the M25, a road that encircles London, cars were reportedly backed up for about 50 miles during the early morning rush hour.

To his credit, London’s shaggy-haired mayor, Boris Johnson, who’s known as a free spirit, rode his bike to work yesterday.

It’s more of the same today, with trains running on reduced service, and an estimated one in three workers opting to stay home. The Evening Standard says there’s no immediate end in sight.

The Brits are having some trouble keeping that trademark stiff upper lip.

Reports the Standard:

Ashley Morris, a 28-year-old administration manager from Redhill, said: “My journey was a disaster today, it took two-and-a-quarter hours when normally it takes 40 minutes. I disagree with what Peter Hendy said. The Tube doesn’t seem to be running well at all.”

Juelma Nunes, an 18-year-old student, said: “It took me more than an hour to travel from Barking in Essex to Victoria.

“My Tube kept stopping for five minutes each time then it would go again then it would stop.

“I took the District line and it really wasn’t great. It might be better than yesterday but it was still really slow. I don’t understand how people can say it is back to normal.”

[image: Evening Standard]

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