Metro-North Study: 6% Still Not Happy

Metro-North was quite pleased to share the results of its customer satisfaction survey, which saw 94% of respondents claiming overall satisfaction–a record high for the railroad.

Another record was attained when half the respondents said they were “very satisfied” with service–the first time that’s happened.

In last year’s survey, 93% were overall satisfied, and 46% were very satisfied.  

Metro-North was pleased to report that the beleaguered New Haven Line–which officially changes its name to The Beleaguered New Haven Line in the third quarter of 2009–saw 90% of customers report satisfaction.  I don’t believe Saugatucker was among them.

Employee courtesy, meanwhile–a.k.a. how nice the conductors are–got a whopping 98%.

MTA CEO Elliot Sander was very pleased with the findings.

“From superb on-time performance to new electronic display signs to industry-leading mechanical reliability, I am pleased that Metro-North Railroad’s efforts to improve customer service are being recognized by its customers,” he said. “Our MTA-wide efforts to improve customer service also emphasize customer engagement through initiatives like this customer survey. This is an area where Metro-North has led the way.” 

Of course, the true challenge will be to keep satisfaction from plummeting to Bush-ian approval levels once all the drastic service cuts are in place.

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