Beware the Greenwich Ticket Scammer Lady

ConnecticEnergy tells me of an interesting seatmate this morning heading in from Stamford. An attractive woman in her 50s (GMILF, anyone?) gets on in one of the rich-people towns and takes the seat next to Connectic. She’s “dripping with diamonds”, he says, with painstakingly manicured nails, in a mink coat and designer suit underneath.

Better yet, she commences chatting coquettishly with Connectic: What are you reading, bet it’s more interesting than what I’m reading (NY Times biz section), etc. She has a manila envelope on her, and Connectict sees a resume inside.

She then asks Connectic if the conductor has come through. He tells her the conductor has indeed.

“That’s good,” she says. “Because I don’t have a ticket, and I don’t have any money.”

Then it gets stranger. The Grey Gardens dame proceeds to lean over to Connectic’s ticket stub that’s jammed in the seatback in front of him, and rips it in a certain way so that, when the conductor happens by, he breezes right past without asking for her ticket.

When the train arrived in GCT, it was pleasant smiles, have a wonderful day, all the best.  

Obviously the woman knew something of the special code conductors use on the ticket stubs, a certain rip or punch connoting a certain number of riders going a certain distance.

Does anyone out there have a little insight as to what the various tears and punches on the stubs indicate?

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3 Responses to Beware the Greenwich Ticket Scammer Lady

  1. Ellie says:


    On NJT, they change the types of punches they use from day to day, but it seems to be totally random.

  2. Bobby says:

    Okay…here’s the top secret code, but now I’ll have to kill ya.

    Numbered blocks represent fare zones. For example, Block 1=Manhattan. Block 2= Mt. Venon-New Rochelle, Block 3 = Larchmont through Harrison, Block 4 = Rye&Port Chester, Block 5 = Greenwich-Old Greenwich…etc. etc.

    The number of holes in each block represent each particular station. Ex. Eastbound, one hole in block 1 is Mt. Vernon, two holes in block 1= Pelham, three holes in block 1= New Rochelle.
    Westbound, it’s reversed: New Rochelle would now be the first stop, so it gets one hole in zone 1, Pelham two holes, Mt. Vernon three holes.

    In the old days we always ripped seat checks. Mostly because a torn seat check is easier to spot (especially for older conductors) than a punched one. Metro North frowns upon tearing, since a ripped seat check only signifies a fare zone, not an exact station stop.

    I don’t think that the conductor today was fooled by the forged seat check. He more likely thought that the woman didn’t look the “fare beater type”, and figured she probably had just moved her seat.

  3. Kelly says:

    Nothing like giving away our secrets Bobby!! Now we’ll have to kill u !! lol..Ill be on the look out for the MILF in a fur coat from Greenwich ..that will be easy !!

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