How the Slumdog Millionaires Get to Work


Train commuters in Mumbai would hardly blink at the thought of a 4 1/2 hour trip from Grand Central to Westport. So deplorable is the rail system there that, as we noted in these pages in April 2007 (“perhaps the most shocking bit of commuter-related journalism you’ll ever read,” we’re pretty sure we gushed at the time), some 3,500 people die on the commuter trains there in a given year.

The Times of India has had enough. An editorial in Monday’s paper laments the ceaseless unpredictability of the trains, and concludes:

The word ‘commute’ means, apart from other things, to replace by a punishment less severe. We often hear these days of the commutation of a death sentence to life imprisonment. One has to commute for life or escape to death, thus hovering between the two stark realities of the human situation.

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