Pants Optional on Subway


Some 900 New York subway riders braved snow and freezing temps to take part in a No Pants! Subway Ride from Foley Square to Union Square. No Pants! went on in 10 cities around the world, with some 2,000 people doffing trou for the event.

The day started with the pantsless gang assembling in Foley Square in lower Manhattan, then boarding the Q, the 2 and I think the 6.

When asked why they’d opted for the no-pants look, participants responded with either “It’s hot” or “I forgot.”  

As one might’ve guessed, the stunt was pulled off by the Improv Anywhere folks, who you may recall organized a giant freeze in Grand Central, with hundreds of participants turning into statues for a few minutes.

Improv Everywhere is a bit vague as to why they did the stunt:

Our No Pants mission has grown quite a bit from the small, subtle, seven-person operation from 2002. Ever since the police handcuffed 8 participants back in 2006, the news media has gone completely crazy over the concept of pantless subway riders. The amount of coverage both before and after this year’s event is beyond absurd, but ultimately the more people who learn about it and participate, the better.

If the Village Voice’s slide show is any indication, nice legs were most certainly not a prerequisite.


For lots and lots more photos–and video–check out the Improv Everywhere site.  

[photos Paul Quitoriano]

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