BarCar Concept Lives in Mount Vernon

Metro-North’s old bar cars might be harder to find than a Satchel Paige rookie card, but a new Westchester restaurant is keeping the concept alive. BarCar recently opened in Fleetwood (er, the nice section of Mount Vernon), a short block from the Metro-North station bearing the Fleetwood name.

InTown Magazine makes BarCar sound cool–eclectic menu that’s “as diverse as the area that surrounds it,” attentive service, funky jazz filling the air (and the Website, for that matter). A little restaurant critic food-porn for you:

My pan-seared day-boat scallops finally arrived. Plump and lightly seared, the mollusks were tasty. But it was the crisp endive leaves, and accompanying Israeli tabbouleh, with its large grains of bulgur and minty, nutty taste, that took center stage. Although my friend enjoyed her pan-roasted trout special, it came with just a dollop of potatoes and too few edamame.

True to its name, BarCar also does happy hour 4:30 to 6:30 each day, with half price drinks.

Owner Joe Tantillo says there’s a subtle train motif to the place–you won’t find a Lionel electric train coursing through the place, like at the old Hamburger Choo Choo in Huntington. He says there’s a picture of the Metro-North Big Board over the door and some artful train pix from old train photog Winston Link.

 Regarding the menu, appetizers are referred to as “Local Fare” and entrees are “Third Rail.”

“We play it up a little bit, but try not to overdo it,” he says.

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4 Responses to BarCar Concept Lives in Mount Vernon

  1. Bill Wertheim says:

    First meal there,and was delighted – not just by the service and the quality of the dinner, but that Mount Vernon is finally getting a classy, friendly and tasty eatery that gives substantial “bang for the buck.” It’s nice that it’s open every day at 11:30, and we plan to go back for continued enjoyment.

  2. William Hays says:

    Bill: any relation to Tom Wertheim? He lived on Collins Ave. We went to A. B. Davis, ’53-’56. I lived at 300 Hayward Ave. (Colonial Village)until ’64, with the parents, with time away in college and 3-years out for the army.
    Weren’t too many good eateries in Fleetwood. I liked “Ty Koon’s” and was known to imbibe at the “Fleetwood Lounge”, a.k.a.”Dirty Warren’s”. Back in those days, Fleetwood only had four liquor stores. What is the count now?
    Glad to see that there is a bit of civility in the old area.
    Bill Hays, out in Montana

  3. William Hays says:

    I missed the “Hamburger Choo Choo” in Huntington. I wonder if there are any places left that have trains ILO waitpersons. “Hi! I’m Lionel 2028 and will be your waittrain tonight. Push the red button on the left and I’ll whistle…”. What the hell is/are “Tabbouleh” and “Edamame”? Sounds like diseases! Haute cuisine in Fleetwood? Gimme a break…. Even if it is the “nice section” of Mount Vernon.

  4. Debby D says:

    BarCar has become my families favorite restaurant. Chef Diaz never ceases to amaze us with the outstanding dishes he prepares. Went there for Easter Brunch and back again for Easter dinner with family and it was absolutely wonderful. We hear that they are also doing a Mother’s Day Brunch and Dinner. I know what I want for Mother’s Day – BRUNCH and DINNER at BarCar.

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