Next Stop, Hell

Funny story in today’s NY Times about advertising running on London buses that touts agnostic and atheistic beliefs…or non-beliefs, as it were.

“There’s probably no God,” some ads read. “Now stop worrying and enjoy your life.”

The ads are a response to pro-God ads that have run on London transportation. Inspired by the campaign in London, anti-God groups ran ads on buses in other cities, though an Australian organization was refused permission to run one saying “Atheism: Sleep in on Sunday mornings.”

It’s hard to imagine such ads running in the U.S.–even in New York, which seems to be the least religious section of the country. Reporter Sarah Lyall points out that Great Britain is a pretty God-foresaking place, where high-profile politicians take considerable pains to distance themselves from organized religion. (Perhaps they’re trying to show they’re as different from President Bush as possible to boost their approval ratings.)

Next week, London’s Atheist Bus Campaign plans to place 1,000 no-God ads on the city’s subways.

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