Larchmont Troubadour Puts Metro-North on Album Cover


Westchester singer-songwriter Michael Nappi features a Metro-North train on the cover of his new CD, “Here We Go Again.”

Nappi is described by the Journal News as a cross between James Taylor and John Mayer, who actually rank #s 1,334 and 4,398, respectively, in terms of my favorite artists.

Nappi’s big radio song is called 7:26. The JOurnal News article is a bit confusing as to why the song is titled that: It may be the July date when it was recorded, or it may be a reference to the train on the cover–there is, in fact, a 7:26 a.m. train that gets you (or Michael Nappi and his guitar) into Grand Central at 8:01.

Here are the lyrics (and the song itself, for that matter) to 7:26 on Nappi’s Website. It doesn’t seem to be about trains but about a girl and a guy that aren’t quite seeing eye to eye–which seems to happen a lot in pop music. A snippet:

I was on the radio
Talking ’bout our lives
To people that I didn’t know
‘Cause every drop of rain
Has got a story to be told
Before it hits the ground
Giving up and letting go

Speaking of John Mayer, he was up at Blythedale Children’s Hospital in Valhalla today for their annual Christmas concert. I doubt he took Metro-North. I’m guessing his mode of transport was more likely track #9 on Nappi’s album. “Limousine” features this chorus:

You know it’s big and black
A circus in the back
Equipped with everything
Will make you feel just like a king

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