The Case of the Missing Knickers, and Other Train Mysteries

A sampling of what people Googled to end up on Trainjotting this week–folks sure were in a randy mood the last few days.

A Starbucks gift card–and a ‘curly hair milf’–to the reader who best weaves all of the below into a short story.

black lawn jockey for sale

breathe strips in new delhi


cheap mr.tickle


harlem girls topless


getting freak on


funny things conductors say on the new york subway


“prostitutes forty years white blonde hair in a cockroach house”


maserati sneakers


mole people


bipolar express


don’t pay this guy a beer


double popped collar videos


where does the name plaxico derive from


sneakers with suit


sex on a train


sex in train


assman 11 thriller


curly hair milf

lost my knickers on the train

mad men where draper lives


tj prostitutes

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