Mini Metro-North Trains Selling Well


There’s a well-done story about Lionel Train’s miniature take on the New York subway and Metro-North in the Stamford Advocate. The story suggests that toy trains might just be a hit this holiday season, as people harken back to simpler eras when giant banks weren’t slipping off the face of the earth and shoppers weren’t trampling Wal-Mart security to get their mitts on discounted televisions.

[Lionel CEO Jerry] Calabrese attributes the renewed success of the 108-year-old Lionel brand to nostalgia, and a yearning for a perceived simpler time.

“Our brand is really one of the iconic American brands and is incredibly deeply rooted in our culture, especially at Christmas time,” Calabrese said. “It is tied up in rites of passage, and the relationships between father and son, and all that stuff, which is good no matter what year it is.”

The Metro-North replica commemorates the railroad’s 25th anniversary. The story says the set is selling well at Grand Central.

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3 Responses to Mini Metro-North Trains Selling Well

  1. I love the Metro North set.

    I grew up in Boston, so I’m hoping the Metro Nort set really catches on, so that Lionel will be motivated to do a commemorative set of the MTA commuter rail.

    My dad rode the commuter rail into Boston every day when I was growing up (before it was a part of the MTA system; I think back then it was part of the B&M).

    But for now I’m happy with my Metro North.

  2. Also, given the Metro North’s popularity, it’s no wonder it’s in many hobby rooms today.

  3. Toys Trains says:

    Well said, model toy trains.

    My dad actually just bought a Lionel set — he hasn’t a set since he was a kid. Nostalgia indeed.

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