Proposal: ‘Disabled’ LIRR Workers Have to See Real Doctor

The Times had this Friday: the federal Railroad Retirement Board, which approves disability payments for any LIRR veteran who can probably utter and spell his name, may soon require that these train workers actually see legit doctors who can vouch for their disabled condition.

The Retirement Board’s inspector general, Martin Dickman, said an independent screening “will not only ensure proper medical review, it may also identify possible instances where there is collusion between the applicant and the doctor.”

It’s sort of funny how it only took a little nudge from the New York governor, the attorney general, a small army of NY Times reporter, and of course those pesky folks at Trainjotting (uh, joke) to get the Retirement Board to actually consider real medical screenings for LIRR workers claiming injuries.

Apparently one hardly even had to bother with the paperwork in order to start collecting disability:

In his memo to the board, dated Oct. 10, Mr. Dickman also criticized railroad employers for not returning forms requesting accurate job descriptions of those seeking disabilities.

“A review for calendar year 2007 shows that these forms were sent to railroad employers for 2,566 occupational decisions,” the memo stated. “The forms were returned to the agency for less than 5 percent of these requests.”

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